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Album Title: Patience
Artist: Take That
Year: 2006
Tracks: 3

Album Title: Spider-Man (Original Score)
Artist: Danny Elfman
Year: 2002
Tracks: 15

Album Title: Dead Man's Suit
Artist: Jon Allen
Year: 2009
Tracks: 12

Album Title: VU
Artist: The Velvet Underground
Year: 1985
Tracks: 10

Album Title: Please Panic
Artist: The Vulgar Boatmen
Year: 1992
Tracks: 12

Album Title: Iron Man
Artist: Michael Burks
Year: 2008
Tracks: 12

Album Title: Emergency
Artist: The Pigeon Detectives
Year: 2008
Tracks: 13

Album Title: Cocaine
Artist: Z-Ro
Year: 2009
Tracks: 17

Album Title: Soon Over Babaluma
Artist: Can
Year: 1974
Tracks: 5

Album Title: Far From Home
Artist: Traffic
Year: 1994
Tracks: 10